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Intellectual Property Workshops with Coller IP

At Cresco, we work with many start-ups, business leaders, people involved with innovation, and those who are engaged in new revenue opportunities.

Intellectual Property Workshops

Which is why we feel you should be aware of two intellectual property (IP) training workshops that are being held in September.

Ownership of IP is often considered confusing, expensive and unpredictable to those outside the industry, especially considering the nature of costs associated with seeking legal IP protection.

Our friends at Coller IP are taking attendees on a journey through the IP lifecycle during two workshops, the first in Manchester on Wednesday, September 18, and the second at the Shard, London, on Friday, September 20.

The workshops will help you to effectively and efficiently maximise the value of your intangible assets. They will be highly commercial and interactive, and also offer an option of personalised 1-2-1 follow-up consultations with Coller IP’s team of experts.

From software to trade secrets to know-how and relationships, the world of IP is so much bigger than just patents and trademarks, and during the course of each day, Coller IP’s unique training workshop will help give you more confidence and equip your business to recognise the value from its hidden assets.

What to expect from the day

This is a taste of what you can expect on the day:

  • Create – Finding solutions, adapting previous innovations, third parties, open source, uniqueness and the inventive step
  • Capture – Communications, recording/documenting, policies, searching, decision making, acquiring, sale and transfer agreements
  • Protect – Publication, trade secret, patents, copyright, commercial strategies, costs/budgets, timescales, benchmarking
  • Value – Why, what, how and when to value intangible assets. A brief overview to increase your understanding of the value of intangible assets
  • Exploit – Licensing, sales, patent pools, patent box, investor discussions, commercial strategies and M&A

A full day commercial IP workshop and free follow-up 1-2-1 consultation (2 hours) will cost £500 (+ VAT). Each workshop has a limited number of spaces available. Click here for further information about dates, locations and joining instructions.

To reserve your place, call 07795 300545 or email Alex Tame.