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Partner Searching

Partner Searching

When a competition requires you to have a partner, we can help you find the right organisation to work with and create mutual benefit 

Many large competitions require you to have a partner. Partnering with another SME or a research & technology organisation (RTO) can be a mutually advantageous way forward. 

We can advise on the advantages and risks of teaming up with a partner – relevant to your aims. We can also help you find a suitable partner. 

What’s Included in the Service?

We work with hundreds of innovative companies, universities and research organisations across the UK and Europe. 

Our ‘’little black book’’ of contacts can be a great source of potential partners, and we are always happy to make connections to help you with your business advancement.   

Examples of organisations that we can connect you to: 


  • Prototyping 
  • R&D tax credits and accounting for research-based businesses 
  • Patenting strategies 
  • Route to market 
  • Universities 
  • Innovation specialists in mainland Europe

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Cresco have more than 6,000 companies on our database, both in the UK and overseas. We can unlock lots of doors and, if your company needs a partner, there’s a great chance will know someone who’s the right fit for you.