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Sam Testro, Proposal Writer

Having been with Cresco since 2018, Sam is responsible for managing clients and researching, writing and preparing all the necessary materials required for submitting applications.

Or, as he would describe his job to a classroom of children: “Writing exciting stories to convince the government to give money to clever, talented people with good ideas to make the UK and the world a better place”.

Sam is driven to try to learn something new every day and constantly aims to make improvements to give our clients the best chance of success.

A history student at Loughborough University before joining Cresco, Sam came to us armed with his core skills of research and writing.

Those talents have stood him in good stead as a proposal writer, something which was quickly in evidence when, after just a few months on the team, he was involved in a winning Innovate UK bid. “This gave me the confidence to believe I had the right tools and skills to have further successes,” says Sam.

Sam, who also has a role in sales, is conscientious, diligent and has an innate ability to quickly understand and digest new and complex subject areas, while his confidence in his own abilities has blossomed since he joined us.

These attributes have been keenly acknowledged by our clients. Indeed, the best bit of feedback Sam has received so far at Cresco was when “an existing client specifically requested they wanted me to work on their proposal”.

The opportunity to learn about new and exciting technologies on a regular basis is something Sam thrives on, along with “the great team culture we have here and the feeling of satisfaction when winning a bid for a client”. What sends him home happy each day is completing and achieving what he set out to do.

Sam continues to flourish at Cresco, as we do as a company. “Our dedication to our clients, and going the extra mile to try to meet their needs, really helps us stand out,” says Sam. “And I can only see us continue to expand as a team, and having many, many more successes.”

What you may not know about Sam

  • Sam is a bit of a whizz at table-tennis and once reached the quarter-finals of the National Junior Championships
  • Outside of work, Sam admires boxer Tyson Fury – “His comeback story from depression to becoming the heavyweight champion of the world is truly inspirational”
  • If he could learn a new skill, it would be how to DJ
  • Sam regularly listens to the High-Performance Podcast, which invites guests, such as sports stars, to talk about their experiences and what it takes to get to the top
  • The title of his autobiography would be ‘D’you Know What I Mean’ – his signature phrase

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