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Phil Crosland, Director of Proposal Writing

Phil Crosland

Phil has been Cresco’s director of proposal writing since 2016, a role in which he oversees, guides and supports the team in the submission of grants, from sales through to running successful funded projects.

A far cry from his first job putting jelly into pork pies, Phil’s career path really took off as a mechanical engineer, initially working in heavy industry, producing large rotating machinery, before moving into special-purpose machines, developing one-off designs within many industry sectors.

Phil then worked for a research and development company, starting off as consultant, where he first came across grant funding. After securing his first grant, he realised he had discovered his niche and, since 2005, has been doing it ever since, thoroughly immersing himself into working within a diversity of sectors and technologies.

Indeed, what makes Phil the best at what he does – and why we are so lucky to have him here – is his ability to take difficult and highly technical concepts and present them in a simple, persuasive and logical manner; or, as he would describe it to a classroom of children, “helping companies to take clever ideas and make them a reality”.

Those strengths have seen Phil gain a hugely impressive track record of delivering funding to clients, although his most notable career achievement here to date was a client acknowledging him as an inventor on their patent in recognition of the innovation he was able to supply. From a personal perspective, Phil points to “mentoring recent graduates and seeing them win their first bid” as a particular triumph.

Another career highlight with Cresco, one which he remains very proud of, was working with a company supporting life-changing products to help sufferers with Parkinson’s, and “wishing my mum had the chance to use them”.

Cresco’s future is to “continue to grow with our clients” says Phil, and we stand out from other companies because “we give the best advice to potential customers, even if this means we do not get the order. Not all good ideas are for public funding.”

“This is a great place to work,” adds Phil. “You get involved with some game-changing technology that can really change the world, and you can play a small but significant part in making it happen.”

What you may not know about Phil

  • If Phil could go anywhere back in time, it would be to Victorian England “to be part of the great innovation and engineering projects of that time”
  • He is passionate about promoting and supporting Down’s Syndrome
  • The title of his autobiography would be ‘Why!’
  • The most important lesson Phil has learned since working at Cresco is “to listen”
  • What sends him home happy each day is “knowing I have done all I could have done”

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