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Phil Crosland, Director of Proposal Writing

Phil Crosland

Phil joined Cresco in 2016 as director of proposal writing, bringing with him a wealth of expertise in grant funding that has seen him deliver more than £19million to clients. 

Phil also holds an honours degree in mechanical engineering and has worked as a technologist, project manager, research funding bid author, key knowledge holder, bid manager and funding acquisition quality manager. 

It is no surprise, then, that he says his favourite part about working at Cresco is the “variety of clients and technologies”, while the project he is most proud of was securing funding for the Snoozeal sleep apnoea device. 

That project is ongoing as Phil continues to work on helping find a cure for sleep apnoea.  

Phil is a great believer in keeping Cresco’s clients informed, and the characteristic he most admires in others is honesty, while the three words he chooses to sum up working here are “team, challenging and varied.” 

Away from Cresco, Phil has a keen interest in football. The last book he read was ‘First Among Unequals’ by Viv Anderson, while former Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough is the person who inspires him the most. 


What you may not know about Phil

  • The title of his autobiography would be ‘Why!’ 
  • The one dish Phil absolutely, positively, will never, ever eat is squid 
  • His greatest passionate out of work is his children  
  • Phil’s favourite film is sci-fi classic Logan’s Run  
  • If he could swap places with anyone for a day, Phil would choose Donald Trump

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