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Paula Smith, Proposal Writer

Paula Smith

Paula only celebrated her one-year anniversary as a proposal writer for Cresco in 2018 – but it was a rewarding 12 months nonetheless. 

She has a wealth of experience as a business consultant, specialising in H2020 SME Instrument and Innovate UK grant funding. 

Paula is also expert in MedTech, and she is fully utilising those skills in one of her favourite projects to date by working on “artificial intelligence to ultimately drive the realisation of the artificial pancreas for people living with diabetes.” 

Paula relishes her work at Cresco and strives to deliver on every challenge she faces, admitting “my goal is to deliver the best project I possibly can every time – and I’m pretty proud of all of them so far.” 

She says the most important lesson she has learned since working at Cresco is to “seize the day, the next deadline is not far away.” 

It is that drive that fuels Paula’s passion at work, which is to be as successful as possible. And success, she says, equates to working with clients to deliver winning proposals. 

That passion also extends away from Cresco, too, as Paula says success out of work means a happy family having fun. 

Paula’s favourite part of her daily routine is “sitting next to Phil (Crosland)”, while the three words she chooses to describe working at Cresco are “fun, busy and diverse.” 

What you may not know about Paula

  • Her favourite films are Toy Story 3 as “it makes me cry every time. And slightly more grown-up (ish) – Love Actually, but only at Christmas.” 
  • The title of Paula’s autobiography would be ‘Life is Like a Box of Chocolates…’ 
  • The one dish she absolutely, positively, will never, ever eat is baked beans  
  • For a day, Paula would most like to swap places with Amal Clooney 
  • The last book Paula read was ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ 

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