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Paul Farmery, Chief Operating Officer

Paul Farmery

Paul is Cresco’s specialist in procurement and leads their tendering team, helping organisations manage commercial risk through a wide variety of skills. 

Having previously worked for a range of blue-chip companies in both services and manufacturing, Paul joined Cresco in 2015 and is an expert in negotiation, spend analysis, sourcing, contracting, quality improvements and operations management or facilities management in public or private procurement. 

Despite that lengthy skill-set, and having gained a Master of Science degree in engineering & business management from Warwick University, Paul freely admits his area of expertise is “ordering the coffee, tea and occasional Friday curry for lunch.” 

People play a big part in Paul’s daily working life, and he says his favourite part of working at Cresco is “the opportunity to work with passionate people, both within the team and our clients,” while the characteristics in others that most appeal to him are “tenacity, persistence and innovation.” 

The most intriguing project he is currently working on is finding brand new processes for delivery of better value to a particular client. And, not one to stand still, the project he is most proud of to date is “my last – to quote Brian Clough, you’re only as good as your last game.” 

Asked to sum up in three words working at Cresco, Paul plumps for “rewarding, frustrating (when a great project doesn’t get funded) and addictive” while, tongue firmly in cheek, he says the most important lesson he has learned since joining the company is “the boss is always right…” 

Away from the office, Paul has a big passion for sailing – “after the family of course” – and indeed the last book he read was ‘A Voyage for Madmen’, a novel describing the first (non-stop) solo round-the-world yacht race, won by Sir Robin Knox Johnson. 

What you may not know about Paul

  • His biggest inspiration is Sir Robin Knox Johnson (see above) – “Read the book. It’s his courage to press on into the unknown with a selfless belief in his own ability.” 
  • The title of Paul’s autobiography would be ‘If Only I was Five Inches Taller’ – (a professional centre-half for sure)  
  • The one dish he absolutely, positively, will never, ever eat is… “Never say never.” 
  • If Paul could swap places with anyone for one day, he would choose “any of my kids, to find out their ‘real’ perspective… a scary thought.” 
  • His favourite film is Shawshank Redemption

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