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Paul Allen, Senior Proposal Writer

Paul joined Cresco in 2020, bringing with him a vast array of experience to his role as a senior proposal writer.

As a primary leader in healthcare projects, with a specific focus on pharma and biopharma, Paul has a rich history to draw on.

Paul’s first-ever job was as a research scientist at Pfizer, working on trying to make new antifungal drugs. He then went on to work as a research chemist for the best part of 20 years, mainly in pharmaceutical R&D at Pfizer and AstraZeneca, before moving into grant writing more than five years ago.

It is this background, as well as a deeply analytical mind, that has given Paul an acute understanding of the science behind an idea – what makes a successful and compelling proposal.

Combined with a desire to learn about new technologies and advances in healthcare, Paul is strongly motivated at Cresco to “play a small part in helping these ideas reach patients where they can be of benefit”.

One of Paul’s career highlights so far was when he finished his lab career as a synthetic radiochemist preparing radiolabelled drugs, which he describes as “challenging but also extremely enjoyable”. During that time, Paul developed new methodologies that are used to expand on the limited ways that radiolabelled compounds can be made. He also presented this work at international conferences.

What you may not know about Paul

  • Paul was inspired to follow his chosen career path by his chemistry teachers at school and college, before learning at university how organic molecules can be synthesised and then putting this into practice during his placement year at Pfizer
  • Outside of his work at Cresco, Paul can often be found combining his two passions of wild camping and landscape photography
  • Paul has even self-published a guidebook on wild camping and photography, and is currently working on completing his second book, which focuses on camping out on some of the UK’s most scenic mountain summits
  • The characteristic Paul most admires in others is creativity

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