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Mark Holmes, Commercial Manager

Throughout his career, Mark’s attention to detail and integrity has served him well, as has his daily motivation of striving to do the best possible job for clients – all ingredients that, when mixed together, mean he is the ideal person to be our commercial manager, a role Mark has held at Cresco since early 2019.

As well as putting together bids for funding, Mark heads up our project administration services and is also involved in business development and operations support. Indeed, the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of the business is something he thrives on at Cresco.

Mark had an early introduction to the workings of research and development – his father, and also his biggest career inspiration, spent 30 years in R&D at MARS. However, it was by accident more than by design that Mark should follow in his dad’s footsteps.

After summer jobs in R&D at MARS Petcare, Mark worked for four years as an engineer for MetalBox R&D, where he was employed in helping to develop breakthrough packaging products and processes. Specialising in thermoforming and printing, he spent another nine years working for major packaging manufacturers in product and process development, operations support, capital projects and customer support. Mark subsequently spent 17 years with a major provider of R&D consultancy, leading to roles overseeing business development and delivery of commercial R&D services across industry.

After almost three years as an independent consultant, Mark joined Cresco, bringing with him a broad experience in commercial R&D across many industries that has set him well in helping clients in sectors from healthcare to construction, industrial, electronics, consumer goods and transport, to access funding for R&D.

During his time with Cresco, Mark has successfully secured funding for a number of clients to allow them to progress their innovation activities much more quickly and effectively than would otherwise be possible. What he is particularly proud of so far is, having secured funding for a client in the construction industry, seeing the resultant project achieve significant advances in the state of the art.

The satisfaction of a job well done is what sends Mark home happy each day, knowing he has helped make a difference. A Slovenian client rubber-stamped that ethos just recently, as Mark explains: “They took time out to thank us for our work on their funding application. Their enthusiasm and proactive approach to our collaboration had really made the process a mutually enjoyable experience”.

It is those strong personal relationships that Cresco consistently build with our clients that helps make us stand out from other companies, says Mark, who is confident that this is a major factor in the high levels of repeat business we undertake.

And the future is very bright for Cresco. “We are a flexible and agile business with a depth of experience across many sectors,” says Mark. “We will be ideally positioned to respond to the needs of changing EU and UK innovation funding landscapes, and our customers’ ever-evolving R&D challenges.”

To anyone thinking of working for Cresco, Mark adds: “Go for it! You’ll learn so much from exposure to many industries and cutting-edge applications.”

What you may not know about Mark

  • The most important lesson Mark has learned since joining Cresco is that “every assignment, and every client, is different”
  • Out of work, he loves to listen to music and, if he could swap places with anyone for a day, it would be Adele’s soundman
  • Mark’s first-ever job was “hard graft at a local chrysanthemum nursery”
  • He is inspired by people who do good for others
  • The best bit of advice Mark ever received was during his days in the plastics industry: “A senior colleague at one of our Netherlands businesses, whose English wasn’t great, said while we were discussing a manufacturing problem that I should ‘mind the process’. What he meant was visualise the process, as an aid to working out where the problems were. It was good advice”

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