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Dr Rehman Rafiq, Senior Proposal Writer

Rehman Rafiq

Rehman is a highly-experienced writer of bids, tender responses and proposal applications and has been with Cresco since 2016, achieving outstanding successes across a variety of funding programmes, both in the UK and EC. 

A scientist and a researcher who has previously worked for Loughborough University, Rehman’s area of expertise is materials science, which includes polymers, polymer recycling, filler modification, polymer composites, nanofillers and nano-composites. 

As well as delivering a business case suitable for acquiring funds, Rehman’s aim at Cresco is to help facilitate the acknowledgement of knowledge gaps and activities required in order to fully commercialise ideas and prototypes. 

The ability to work on a wide variety of projects at Cresco is what appeals to him most, and among those he is particularly proud of are working on the production of novel nano-materials for gas storage and the recycling of pyrolytic char. 

That extends to the present day as Rehman is keenly involved in a project to develop probiotics to reduce reliance on antibiotics in the poultry industry. 

He says he is inspired by the “whole Cresco team because of the ‘can do’ attitude”, and that the most important lesson he has learned since working here is “persistence, hard work and never taking shortcuts.” 

The characteristics that Rehman most admires in his colleagues are “diligence and delivering quality work on time”, and it is his own attention to detail that drives on Rehman at Cresco, where he is most passionate about developing detailed project plans. Out of work, however, Rehman’s big love is cricket. 

Asked to sum up in three words what it means to work for Cresco, Rehman says “teamwork, learning opportunities and responsibility.” 


What you may not know about Rehman

  • The title of his autobiography would be ‘Cricket is Hope’ 
  • The one dish Rehman absolutely, positively, will never, ever eat is custard 
  • His favourite film is the 2004 release ‘Troy’, based on Homer’s Iliad epic 
  • If he could swap places with anyone for a day, Rehman would choose Albert Einstein 
  • The last book Rehman read was ‘Antimicrobial Resistance in China’

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