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Danielle Wallis, Proposal Writer

Danielle joined the Cresco team as a proposal writer in early 2020 and immediately made a big impact – within her first three months she had secured funding for an SME.

Danielle’s role at Cresco is to assist in the bid writing process for companies seeking funding for their innovations. This includes working closely with clients and colleagues during business case development to successfully portray the innovativeness and marketability of their project.

With a passion for writing, Danielle has quickly turned it into one of her strengths for Cresco. Throughout her education, she was consistently praised for her adaptive writing style and ability to employ critical analysis to substantiate her arguments, which in turn has proved instrumental in successful bid writing.

Danielle thrives on the opportunity to engage with clients, and colleagues, who are truly passionate about what they do and in helping them to achieve it. Her daily motivation, she says, is the prospect of learning something new and exciting – “Bid writing is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!”

During her time with Cresco, Danielle’s highlight so far is playing an instrumental role in writing a bid for a company that was developing safety devices for increased workplace safety among healthcare professionals.

Danielle is certainly an asset to the Cresco team and is a key figure in helping make us stand out from the rest. “The close-knit team here and valued working relationships is a supportive environment for learning and success,” she says.

And what would she say to someone thinking of working for Cresco? “You won’t look back!”

What you may not know about Danielle

  • Danielle loves video gaming and Star Wars – “I’m secretly a bit of a nerd!”
  • If she could go anywhere back in time, it would be to the 1980s – “the decade of some of my favourite music”
  • Danielle would most like to swap places for a day with US vice-president Kamala Harris, who she describes as an inspirational woman
  • The best bit of advice Danielle has ever received is to treat everyone you meet with respect and open-mindedness
  • Asked to describe her job to a classroom of children, Danielle would say: “Having the opportunity to help people achieve their dreams”

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