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IraSME: 24th call for funding proposals


The 24th IraSME call is organised and funded by national and regional ministries and agencies participating in the IraSME network through their respective funding programmes.

IraSME is funding:

  • Development of new products, processes or technical services
  • Technical development from first idea to last not marketable prototype
  • R&D with significant technical risks for each funded partner
  • Minimum constellation: Two companies from two participating countries/regions
  • Eligibility rules, application and funding details vary between countries/regions

Open Date:


Close Date:


Twice a year, IraSME issues calls for proposals for transnational cooperative research projects between SMEs and RTOs, with the objective to develop innovative products, processes or technical services.

The calls follow a bottom-up approach, ie research topics are not pre-defined and can be decided by applicants themselves.

Funding is made available through national and regional programmes. IraSME enables consortia of SMEs and RTOs (not mandatory) from at least two participating countries to work together in transnational projects.

Projects can be funded if they fulfil the rules of the corresponding national/regional funding programmes.

Generally, IraSME Projects have to be research and development activities with significant technical risks to realise new or notably improve existing products, processes or technical services. The clearly describable project outcome has to show real market opportunities.

Consortia of IraSME Projects are as small as possible and as big as necessary. They consist of at least two SMEs from two different participating countries/regions with complementary technical expertise, which is needed to realise the project aim.

Additional SMEs and RTOs who have technical skills that are needed for the projects can be funded. Partners from non-participating countries or partners that can not be funded in the national/regional programmes (eg large companies) can also participate in the project, if they can finance their part on their own or manage to get funded in another way.

Every partner in the consortium has to have a distinct part in the development (no redundancy) corresponding to his technical expertise.

The participating countries/regions in this call are:
  • Belgium (Flanders/Wallonia)
  • Canada (Alberta)
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Luxemburg
  • Russia
  • Turkey

Who is eligible for funding  depends on the country/region the partner is from.

Some members fund SMEs according to EU definition, some larger and some only smaller companies.

Research organisations are generally only eligible if there is at least one eligible company from the same country/region.

Some only fund research organisations as subcontractors others as partners.

Funding for a project depends completely on which countries and how many partners are involved, as well as on who those partners are. You have to consult the information pages on the Countries/Regions involved.

For a quick first overview you find a bilingual one page overview on the involved funding programme. The average funding per partner is around 160 k€ but varies strongly.

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