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Cresco’s new approach to healthcare funding is proving a winner for our clients

Cresco Innovation’s newly launched Health Team has quickly enjoyed considerable success, with a number of healthcare clients already reaping the rewards of this bespoke service.

A ground-breaking move for Cresco, the team is tailored specifically for healthcare projects. Founded on a unique set of skills and a wealth of experience in developing healthcare technologies, the Health Team understand exactly what different funders require and can maximise the chance of success and overcome the burden of applying for a grant.

The Health Team have already helped several projects – some of which have ultimately proved to be lifesaving – receive valuable investment, with more than £6.5million of funding won in recent months.

What makes Cresco’s health team different?

Unlike other similar companies, Cresco’s health team integrate themselves fully within their healthcare clients. This enables Cresco to identify gaps within that team’s existing knowledge and expertise that is required to successfully achieve the clinical adoption of the technology.

Cresco seek to identify opportunities and apply for funding in order to progress the technology along the clinical development pathway.

With an abundance of experience, expertise and a proven track record in healthcare, the Health Team provides our clients with extensive knowledge of the innovation and development pathway for healthcare technologies, including:

  • Medical devices, diagnostics and digital health
  • Writing successful development grants for associated projects
  • Hands-on knowledge of pharmaceutical R&D and writing successful grants for healthcare projects

What successes have the health team enjoyed so far?

In recent months, Cresco have won more than £6.5m in Innovate UK biomedical funding. This includes a £1.5m project to develop a medical device for treatment of cancer; a £3.9m drug development project; and a £1.6m project that will enable a unique intraperitoneal chemotherapy delivery system to be developed.

An enviable team of healthcare experts

Among the Health Team, Caroline Sykes has more than 15 years in technology transfer, focusing on healthcare and taking technology from bench to bedside, while having also supported companies across various sectors to apply for and secure funding from various sources, including Innovate UK and NIHR.

Paul Allen has 20 years of working in pharmaceutical R&D behind him, most notably at Pfizer and AstraZeneca, and is now a highly skilled grant writer, supporting pharma, biopharma and medtech SMEs, and large Life Sciences companies and academic groups, to apply for UK and EU grants.

Proposal writer Harry Duckels brings passion and commitment to support companies and help develop their innovative technologies into the market.

And David Cheshire has spent the majority of his career in the healthcare sector, working at AstraZeneca for more than 20 years. In his many roles, he gained extensive project management skills as well as contributing to more than 45 patents and scientific papers.

A ‘world-class background in health innovation’

“We have been fortunate in being able to attract a really excellent team of writers with a world-class background in health innovation and commercialisation,” said Cresco CEO Jo Derbyshire.

“The sector is quite a cohesive community, and we get companies approach us based upon recommendations. As such, we have had some significant successes already this year.

“That we’re celebrating these wins so far this year demonstrates that, by launching our new dedicated team, our approach to healthcare funding is certainly a step in the right direction, not only for us but for our existing and potential clients in healthcare.”

How you can harness the skills of our Health Team

If you would like to work with our Health Team and see how we can help you secure valuable funding for your business or project, please contact us now on 01509 261182, or email any of the Health Team members directly here.