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Cresco innovation welcomes your enquiries.

Support for your business

We can provide guidance on how to approach seeking grant funding for your business, for us, each customer is an individual and we pride ourselves on being able to build lasting business relationships.

Risk Reduction

Embarking on a new venture is risky, funds are limited and cash flow must be maintained. Grant funding offers an opportunity to develop your ideas without diluting your company equity or risking current projects and product development.

We deal with the paperwork!

We deal with many clients of differing needs, a barrier to grant funding is often the paperwork involved in the application. We take care of this for you!

To reach us you can email us at info@crescoinnovation.co.uk  or phone on 01509 228495, or 0772 709 2439. Alternatively, complete the form below.


Our UK Office

Cresco Innovation Ltd. is located at the new ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION CENTRE at Loughborough University.

Cresco Innovation Ltd.

Room: G26
Advanced Technology Innovation Centre,
Oakwood Drive,
Loughborough University Science & Enterprise Park,
Loughborough, LE11 3QF

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